Friday, February 8, 2008

Mixed Bag

Here is a list of the miscellaneous action figures Yen sent along with the LOTR haul. Descriptions are applied where I don't know their exact names.

Captain Kirk (Original Series, Playmates)
William Ryker (Damaged, Playmates)
Geordie LaForge (Playmates)
Deanna Troi (Playmates)
Lt. Worf (Playmates)
Quark (Playmates)
Beldar Conehead
Prymatt Conehaed
John Belushi as Samurai Baker
The Flash (Justice League Unlimited)
2 Batmans
Killer Kroc
Dr. Evil
Austin Powers
Earthworm Jim
Beaked Kangaroo Alien from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Goombah from Super Mario Brothers
2 Jurassic Park Humans
Jack the Ripper from The Last Action Hero
Main Villain from The Last Action Hero
Louis Tully from Ghostbusters
Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
Tall Gargoyle from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Main Villain from Seaquest DSV
2 Ladies from The Masters of the Universe

And then there are three mystery figures, that I don't know the names of or even what series they came from. One has a yellow suit, red breastplate, and a rather lion-like head with red hair. One is a kind of goat-man with blue-gray skin and an eyepatch. And one is a small 3&3/4" figure of a bald man with pointed ears and ebony-black skin. If anybody has any ideas on who they are, I'd like to know. But they're going in the collection.

There were also four figures from the Narnia series: the White Witch, a Centaur, Peter, and a Dwarf. This reminded me of a dwarf I hadn't mentioned in my previous post on Dwarf action figures: I had a Narnian dwarf archer. This one was the Narnian dwarf halbardier from a set I hadn't been able to get, so I was very pleased with that as well.

The Coneheads he sent are the ones in the black Remulak uniforms shown above. I also have the other figures.

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