Friday, February 1, 2008

Yasutora 'Chad' Sado and Orihime Inoue

These figures are part of the Hastings bonanza. They are the Series Two run by Toynami from the Cartoon Network Adult Swim anime feature, Bleach. I have the Series One line, comprised of Ichigo and Rukia. Each figure cost $14.99.

From the card of Yasutora Sado: "Nicknamed 'Chad,' this classmate of Ichigo's believes his only asset is his physical strength. He likes small animals and anything cute." He comes with a stand and an Exclusive Score Trading Card.

From the card of Orihime Inoue: "Ichigo's classmate Orihime lost a brother three years ago. She and Ichigo form a bond when she's attacked by a Hollow." She comes with a base and a trading card, but also has a black cat, which I must say is the best sculpt of a cat I've ever seen with an action figure. You can't really tell from this picture, which is a scan off the card.

(By the way, and most of you probably know this: the card is the cardboard backing of the packaging of an action figure, the blister is the plastic bubble the actual figure is encased in.)

The show Bleach has a rich and fascinating mythology which I am not about to attempt to explicate here.

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AlanDP said...

The cat has a name, too, but I can't recall it right now. I'm lousy at remembering Japanese names.

She's one of the "renegade" soul reapers who trains Ichigo and also appears in the form of a human female.