Sunday, February 17, 2008

Captain and Knight

Yesterday my brother and I went to San Antonio and I was finally able to use the Christmas gift card for Target that I got from Yen&Co (thanks, guys!). I was able to get two figures for under $15: Captain Barbossa done in that freaky animated form that's all the rage now, and Shining Knight from the Justice League Unlimited line.

The card above is from Barbossa, which shows the whole line up except for Barbossa, save in cartoon form. I cloned the barcode out; don't know why, except it makes me nervous to reproduce. The Captain comes with sword, exploding barrel, and monkey.

I love the Justice League Unlimited line: simple, iconic, and inexpensive, with a huge array of heroes and villains. The Shining Knight comes with a sword. My one question is: where is the Question? I love that character!

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